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Subtle. Powerful. Creative. Content as you are.
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Content and design is nothing but powerful storytelling.
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Stories make for engaging conversations. Or wait, was it the other way around?
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21D’s purpose is to create a dent in the world through its content and design; by generating necessary conversations. Conversations help to shake things up. It might be ages before they take action, but we have to ensure that at least the idea has been planted.

With that in mind, we established 21D Solutions in the year 2019. We have served 25+ clients from around the world.

21D is a content solutions company that provides end to end content management advisory and execution across businesses. We help people and organizations transform into brands, and we help brands be more human, both through content and design. 

We are a team of thinkers, storytellers and writers- it’s the kind of team that makes stories come alive. We ensure that you and your stories live on, for times far after your time.

Meet our Team

Anuradha Ghosh


I am passionate about stories. From a very young age, I remember reading late into the night with my mother by her side. My love of reading is only rivalled by my “need” of writing. With almost two decades of storytelling behind me, I am able to connect dots and draw patterns across subjects.

Anuradha believes that in this era of tiny attention spans and especially in the digital ecosystem, these stories make for great conversations, both in person and digitally.

Garima Rai


An MBA in Finance, an e.learning specialist by profession, a creative designer by passion and a storyteller at heart, I am able to visualise content in colors and graphics and work to knit a story around every subject.

Garima believes that people forget conversations, but they remember emotions. Her diverse experience helps her look at the same concept from different perspectives – vuja de, as we call it.

Alok Singh


Alok believes that design chose him. He was good at sketching and fashion designing was his thing. But he couldn’t get through to the course (and Thank God for that!). Inspired by Chris Do, he creates bold and unexpected designs.

He loves the art of differentiating narratives through design and visualization.

A decade in and Alok feels he’s just starting out.

What Clients Say

Shivangi Walke

Shivangi Walke

Founder- Thrive With Mentoring

I have been working with 21D over the last 2 years now. Over time our relationship has evolved into being true partners to each other. I appreciate their creativity and love brainstorming with them. I run multiple content lines with them and it is easy to work with them. I have barely felt that we work out of differing time zones and geographies. And I am happy to call them friends too now.

Namrata Gupta

Namrata Gupta

"Even though it was a short span but associating with you was great. In today's commercial scenario, it is easy to find professionals, but ones with human touch are rare. You are one of them. Don't ever lose it and the rest will follow. Best Wishes."

Client Name Confidential

Client Name Confidential

"Just wanted to send a small note to say how important your work is to me in these days of lockdown. I count so much on you to keep my profile going while I sometimes struggle to find the motivation myself – you make me look like I’m spot on and fully there. I need you, I appreciate you and I hope that your other customers are doing that as well."

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